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Ballistic Point™ Drive Pins

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Power Point Drive-Type Fasteners
Premium drive pins with a 0.300 diameter head have a specially designed point to allow more consistent penetration into harder base materials. Will reduce failures in dense concrete and steel. Drive Pins are manufactured with a 0.150" diameter shank in various lengths. A plastic flute is mounted over the point to retain the drive pin in the fastener guide of the tool providing guidance during the driving operation.

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Item #

Item Name

Shank Length

50052 Ballistic Point Drive Pin (Black) 1/2 in
50053 Ballistic Point Drive Pin (Black) 5/8 in
50054 Ballistic Point Drive Pin (Black) 3/4 in
50055 Ballistic Point Drive Pin (Black) 7/8 in
50056 Ballistic Point Step Shank Pin 1 1/4 in
50057 Ballistic Point Step Shank Pin 1 7/8 in
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1