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T308+™ Epoxy

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T308+ is a two-component epoxy adhesive anchoring system. The system includes injection adhesive in plastic cartridges mixing nozzles, dispensing tools and hole cleaning equipment. The T308+ is designed for bonding threaded rod and reinforcing bar into drilled holes in concrete base materials.

The T308+ epoxy adhesives is a smooth paste formulation with low odor that is solvent-free, V.O.C. compliant and does not contain mercaptans. The material conforms to ASTM C 881, Type I, II, IV & V, Grade 3, Class C (with the exception of gel time). T308+ has a two-year shelf life with when stored in a dry, dark environment with temperature ranging from 40ºF to 95ºF.
  • Tested in accordance with ICC-ES AC308 criteria
  • Evaluated and qualified by an accredited independent testing laboratory for use in uncracked concrete
  • Cartridge design allows for multiple uses using extra mixing nozzles
  • Mixing nozzles proportion adhesives and provide simple delivery method into drilled holes

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8558SD 1308+ Cartridges 8.5 ft. oz. Quick Cartridge (15.3 in2)
8503SD 1308+ Cartridges 14 ft. oz. Side-by-Side Cartridge (25.0 in2)
8523SD 1308+ Cartridges 21.5 ft. oz. Side-by-Side Cartridge (38.5 in2)
8536SD 1308+ Cartridges 51.5 ft. oz. Side-by-Side Cartridge (92.0 in2)
07908 Cartridge System Mixing Nozzles Extra Mixing Nozzle for T308+ (with 9" extension tube)
07919 Cartridge System Mixing Nozzles Extra Mixing Nozzle for T306+ (bulk quantity)
07921 Cartridge System Mixing Nozzles Extra Turbo Nozzle
08409 Dispensing Tool 21.5 Standard All-Metal Manual Tool
08437 Dispensing Tool 10 oz. Heavy Duty Caulking Gun (Quick-Shot Cartridge)
08479 Dispensing Tool 10 oz. High Performance Caulking Gun (Quick-Shot Cartridge)
08415 Dispensing Tool 14 oz. High Performance Manual Tool
08421 Dispensing Tool 21.5 oz. High Performance Manual Tool
08498 Dispensing Tool 51 oz. High Performance Pneumatic Tool
  Results 1 - 13 of 13 1