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All Categories > Power Actuated > Pins > Item # 50282  
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Item # 50282, EIFS Pin

"EIFS": Acronym for Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems
EIF5 Pins with a 0.300 diameter read 1-1/2" length are designed for permanently fastening to concrete or concrete block, installation systems such as, waterproofing membranes, plastic sheeting, metal lathe and wire mesh for plaster and stucco systems.

To provide resistance to pullover, these pin are pre-assembled onto a soft plastic diaphragm. Resistance to pullover is increased by the additional bearing surfaces that is provided by the diaphragm.

Discontinued item once current stock exhausted.



1 1/2 in





Pin Applications (Suitable/Available)

Lightweight Concrete

Pin Applications (Job Site Test Recommend)

Solid Block (Grout Filled)

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