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Triggerfoam™ Tools & Accessories

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Powerfoam and TriggerFoam are one-part polyurethane expanding foams that set and cure into their final form by reacting to moisture and humidity present in the air. Their exceptional ability to bond allows Powerfoam and TriggerFoam to be applied to various building elements including the surfaces of concrete, brick, block, wood, steel, aluminum and other miscellaneous metals. Powerfoam and TriggerFoam are safe to use, containing no CFC's, no PCB's and no Urea Formaldehyde. As they are being dispensed, Powerfoam and TiriggerFoam have a neutral odor. Cured foam is physiologically harmless. Foam products are offered in standard yellow and UV-resistant black.

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8129 Foam Starter Kit Polyurethane
8139 TriggerFoam™ Plastic Gun Polyurethane
8138 Trigger Foam™ Heavy Duty Gun Polyurethane
8140 TriggerFoam™ Metal Gun Polyurethane
8141 TriggerFoam™ Gun replacement brass tip Polyurethane
8142 TriggerFoam™ Cleaner 20 oz. Polyurethane
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1