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Impact Anchors

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Spike® Anchors

The Spike® anchor is a patented, one-piece, tamper-proof vibration resistant anchor for use in concrete, block, brick or stone. Several head styles and anchor materials are available. The Spike® anchor is formed with an "s" shaped configuration at the working end of the anchor to create an expansion mechanism. Since the anchor is pre-expanded, there is no secondary tightening operation required which greatly reduces the overall cost of an anchor installation.

The published length is measured from below the washer to the end of the anchor.
Pipe Spike Tool

Spike® Installation Tools

While the Spike® anchor can easily be installed using a hammer, a specially designed series of drivers and manual tools provide a fast, easy to use method for installing Spike® anchors into concrete and masonry materials. The tools allow Spike® anchors to be installed in confined areas and prevent damage to the fixture from stray hammer blows.

Drive Anchors

The Drive is a one piece, pre-expandede anchor available in carbon steel for use in concrete and stone. The anchor is made from high grade steel and manufactured using two heat treating processes to form the split type expansion mechanism on the working end of the anchor. As the anchor is driven into the base material, the two sheared halves of the expansion mechanism are compressed to match the diameter of the drilled hole. Once seated at the required embedment, the sheared halves of the expansion mechanism exert continuous compression force against the wall of the hole for superior load capacities.