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All Categories > Mechanical Anchors > Rod Hanging Systems > Vertigo™ Rod Hanger Fastening Systems > Item # 7162  
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Item # 7162, Wood Vertical Hanger

Vertigo™ is a one-piece, all steel threaded fastening system for suspending steel threaded rod vertically overhead in pipe hanging, fire protection, electrical conduit and cable-tray applications. Vertigo™ can be installed in a variety of base materials including steel bar joists and beams, wood frame columns and beams, as well as concrete ceilings, beams and columns. Steel threaded rods in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" diameters can be vertically suspended with Vertigo™. In wood and steel base materials. Vertigo™ is also offered in a side mount style for lateral installation of 1/4" and 3/8" diameter steel threaded rods onto joists, columns and trusses. For all steel and wood Vertigo™ fasteners, a Vertigo™ Socket Driver is recommended to provide proper installation with a screw gun or hammer drill in "rotation only" mode. Concrete Vertigo™ fasteners should be installed with the appropriate size standard drive sockets and adjustable torque, battery powered screw gun or hammer drill in "rotation only" mode.


Size Range

1/4-1/2 in

Rod Size

3/8 in

Screw Shank Size & Length

3/8" x 2 1/2"

Thread Style

Type 17

Box Qty.


No. of Items Per Package


Base Material (Suitable/Available)

Hollow Core Plank

Lightweight Concrete

Plywood/Structural Wood & Timber

Base Material (Job Site Test Recommend)

Hollow Brick
Hollow Block

Solid Brick

Solid Block (Grout Filled)

Working Load (Suitable/Available)

Under 400 lbs

Working Load (Job Site Test Recommend)

400 lbs to 4000 lbs

Coating or Material (Suitable/Available)

Coated/Plated Carbon Steel

 Vertigo™ Rod Hanger Fastening Systems Accessories 

SDS Driver - 1/4" & 3/8" concrete Vertigo
Vertigo™ Rod Hanger Fastening Systems Accessories

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