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Plastic Anchors

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Strap-Toggle™ Hollow Wall Anchors

The Strap-Toggle™ is a pre-assembled anchor consisting of a carbon steel wing and a locking cap / ratchet leg assembly molded from engineered plastic. When compared to traditional toggles, this unique anchor can be installed through a smaller hole and does not require a fixture or screw to set it.

Zip-It® Anchors

The Zip-It® anchor is a one piece self drilling anchor designed for use in hollow gypsum wallboard for light duty loads. It is available in both engineered nylon and Zamac alloy for use with either a No. 6 or No. 8 screws in 3/8" to 1" wallboard. The Zip-It® Jr. is formed from engineered nylon for use with No. 6 screws in 3/8" to 5/8" wallboard.

Zip-Toggle™ Hollow Gypsum Wallboard Anchors

The Zip-Toggle™ is a hollow gypsum wallboard anchor designed to provide superior performance without the need to pre -drill larger diameter holes. The Zip- Toggle™ is packaged with its own No. 6 x 2' ' lubricated screw.

Poly-Toggle™ Plastic Hollow Wall Anchors

The Poly Toggle™ is a screw actuated hollow wall anchor for use in paneling, wallboard and solid masonry available in 6 sizes to match the most common wall thicknesses. In solid base materials, the anchor can be used by removing the outer wings. The performance of this product depends on the integrity of the base material in which it is installed. The anchor is recommended for light duty static application where holding power is not a critical factor.
Pop-Toggle™ Fasteners

Pop-Toggle™ Fasteners

Pop-Toggle™ fasteners are hollow wall anchors ideal for static applications requiring light to medium load performance. Installation is very fast, needing a pre-drilled 5/16" diameter hole. The fastener pre-install without a screw, allowing for easy placement and removal of the fixture. Pop-Toggle™ fasteners are not recommended for use overhead or applications where holding values are critical.

Size Range: Wall thickness from 1/8" to 3/4" No. 6 to No. 14 wood or sheet metal screws.
Bantam Plug

Bantam Plug™ Plastic Anchors

The Bantam Plug™ anchor is a plastic anchor designed for use with lightweight fixtures with a sheet metal or wood screw. The anchor is recommended for light duty static applications where holding power is not a critical factor. It should not be used overhead.
Fluted Plastic Anchor

Fluted Plastic Anchors

The Fluted Plastic Anchor is designed for light duty fastening applications with sheet metal or wood screws. Longitudinal ribs on the anchor body prevent it from turning during tightening of the screw. This inexpensive plastic screw anchor comes color-coded by diameter for easy application. The anchor is recommended for light duty static applications where holding power is not a critical factor. It should not be used overhead.